In GTA 5 opened a casino-new cars, penthouse and roulette

Rockstar Games has released an update for GTA Online, with which the Diamond casino appeared in the game. The developers also added a storyline missions and the ability to purchase a penthouse, several new cars and clothing items.

GTA Online Diamond

The casino has several tables-for roulette, blackjack game and three-card poker-slot machines and betting on horse racing. To participate in all these activities will require chips, which can be purchased for in-game currency at a rate of 1: 1. Users can also spin the wheel of fortune once a day for free and win valuable prizes.

Together with the appearance of the Diamond Casino & Resort, players will be able to pass a chain of new quests, where they will have to protect the investments of casino owners from Texas oil tycoons.

Next to the casino there is a shop, and on its roof you can find a penthouse. The owner of the latter has access to VIP-halls and to the game with high stakes. Moreover, he is available to call a limousine or a personal plane.

The owner can also remodel the home, adding a party area, home theater, bar and even a Spa with a stylist.

At the Diamonds, players have access to a penthouse with a swimming pool, garage, bar, party room, cinema and slot machines. The cheapest option will cost one and a half million dollars, and the most expensive – $6.3 million. the Presence of the penthouse opens access to high-stakes tables and additional sections of the casino.

Players have to go through all the story missions of the Diamond. Rewards include special cosmetic items, money, and chips.

GTA Online is available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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